“I Love Vacations” by Anna Walker, 2011, ages 2-6.

Waves, sand, and the softly singing sea create an enticing scene for a vacation, as two friends camp near the beach. A simple storyline and delicate watercolor and ink illustrations make this book and others in the “I Love” series appealing to young children. The author/illustrator lives in Australia and her artwork, also imprinted on greeting cards and stationery, can be seen at http://www.annawalker.com.au/

“My Cold Went on Vacation” by Molly Rausch, Illustrated by Nora Krug, G. P. Putnam, 2011, ages 4-8.

A young boy catches a cold and recovers within a few days, but wonders where his cold went. This travelogue describes the possible journey of a cold as it travels from one person to another by bus, plane, and boat. This cold might be found riding on a ferris wheel, backpacking in Peru, or walking around in Tokyo. Instead the boy’s cold ends up some place quite close to home. The illustrator’s bold artwork can also be seen in editorial illustrations for the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Business Week.

“LaRue Across America: Postcards from Vacation” by Mark Teague, Blue Sky Press, 2011, ages 4-8.

Ike LaRue, reportedly a dog of exceptional patience and optimism, is forced to spend his summer vacation traveling across the country with two cranky, scratching cats, along with his owner, Mrs. LaRue. Ike spends most of the trip sending postcards to the cats’ owner in a vain attempt to convince her to make arrangements for the cats to return home to Connecticut. The cross-country journey takes the unlikely travel partners to the Empire State Building in New York, Dino-Land Theme Park in South Dakota, and Nostril Creek, Kansas, just to name a few. When their car dies in Death Valley, Ike and the cats must reach a truce. The author has written several other books about Ike’s humorous adventures including obedience school and the campaign trail.