Love is shared through words and images in these Valentine’s Day books for young children and those who read with them.

“Love is You & Me” by Monica Sheehan, 2010, Simon & Schuster, all ages.

This simple poem about love will melt your heart, and the funny illustrations of mouse and dog’s friendship will make you smile. Sharing this adorable book about love is a perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

“Consider Love” by Sandra Boynton, 2002, Simon & Schuster, all ages.

Love comes in various shapes and styles, including frivolous love, hopeful love, and never-told love. Poetic writing and Boynton’s signature comic illustrations remind readers that there are as many ways to love as there are people.

“Olivia and the Perfect Valentine” by Natalie Shaw, Illustrated by Shane L. Johnson, 2013, Simon Spotlight, ages 4-6.

Fans of the Olivia series and television show will be eager for the story of Olivia’s project of making a personalized valentine for all her friends. This turns out to be harder than she thought, as she considers each person’s interests. Olivia’s caring heart will inspire young children to use their creativity to show they care about others on Valentine’s Day.

“Max and Milo: The Mixed-Up Message” by Heather & Ethan Long, 2013, Aladdin, ages 4-6.

Max wants to make a valentine for Molly, but the words won’t come. So Milo makes suggestions of other ways to show his love, including a giant cake, a roller coaster ride for two, or a work of art. Max realizes the message must come from his heart. The author and illustrator are a husband and wife team with two boys, on which the Max and Milo characters are based.

Melvin’s Valentine” by Jon Scieszka, Illustrated by David Shannon, Loren Long, & David Gordon, 2009, Simon Spotlight, ages 3-5.

Melvin received an anonymous valentine, which made Melvin worry. His search for the card’s sender entailed showing the card to each of his friends until he discovers one friend’s secret. Part of the “Truck Town” series, young children will enjoy the simple text and different types of trucks, each with a unique personality.