Our hair style represents our identity, and even children want to make decisions about how wear their coiffure. These books about hair take a humorous and informational look at hair-dos and hair-don’ts.

“Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom” by John Rocco, 2013, Disney Hyperion, ages 5-7.

A young boy imagines being a superhero and deriving his super powers from his hair. Longer hair means more super powers, until the day he is captured and dragged to the villain’s lair, the barbershop. Without his super strength, the boy feels doomed, until he discovers a little hero in trouble, and he can once again spring into action.

“The Girl Who Wouldn’t Brush Her Hair” by Kate Bernheimer, Illustrated by Jake Parker, 2013, Random House.

A young girl’s refusal to brush her hair leads to a tangled mess that cute little mice find to be a perfect new home. Inspired by the author’s own daughter, this is a story of a child’s attempts at asserting her independence and a parent’s attempt at guidance. Humorous text and charming illustrations serve to make this delightful story an opportunity to teach both parents and children.

“Moustache!” By Mac Barnett, Illustrated by Kevin Cornell, 2011, Disney Hyperion, ages 5-7.

Once upon a time, there was a king who loved to look at himself in the mirror. In fact, he did this so much he neglected his subjects and the kingdom. When a fed-up peasant draws a moustache on a poster of the king, the tyrant ruler becomes livid. His search for culprit reveals much about the nature of people, the king included. Published by Disney, the movie folks, this hilarious book and illustrations of medieval scenes, is quite entertaining.

“Big Wig: A Little History of Hair” by Kathleen Krull, Illustrated by Peter Malone, 2011, Arthur A. Levine, ages 9-12.

Fictional stories about hair go hand-in-hand with this informational book about the history of hair, told by historian Kathleen Krull. Going back to the time of ancient Egypt, men and women have washed, curled, shaved, colored, and extended their hair to present a more beautiful, sophisticated or powerful image. Snappy text and humorous illustrations make this walk through hair history an informative and entertaining read.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Dobler

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