Heading back to school after a long summer of fun can be both exciting and a bit scary for young children. These books about school will help to ease the transition for both children and parents.

“ABC School’s for Me” by Susan B. Katz, Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger, 2015, Scholastic, ages 3-5.

This alphabet walk through the school day will help young children gain a sense of what to expect as they begin preschool or Kindergarten, with I for imagination, Q for quacks during Duck, Duck, Goose, and Z for zipping up a backpack. Bright illustrations portray small bear characters as they explore school. Illustrator, Lynn Munsinger has illustrated over 100 books, including the “Tacky the Penguin” series.

“Daddy’s Back-to-School Shopping Adventure” by Alan Lawrence Sitomer, Illustrated by Abby Carter, 2015, Disney Hyperion, ages 4-6.

Daddy refused to buy anything that is not on the back-to-school shopping list. But his little pickle quackers, Jake and Jenny, want more – sparkly purple wet wipes and a zebra-striped three-hole puncher. Daddy won’t budge, that is until he sees an item from his childhood school days. Fortunately Mother puts her foot down on what quickly becomes an outlandish shopping trip, but she and the children work out a surprise for Daddy. Children and parents will view this hilarious shopping adventure in two different lights, but all will chuckle!w

“Ready for School, Murphy?” by Brendán Murphy, 2015, Disney Hyperion, ages 4-6.

Murphy tries every trick in the book to convince his dad to let him stay home from school, including butterflies in his tummy, ants in his pants, and the heebie-jeebies. But a surprise quickly changes Murphy’s tune. Graphic illustrations utilize lines and circles to create scenes that add a touch of humor and vividly portray just how Murphy feels. Author/illustrator Brendán Murphy attended Pittsburg State University in Kansas.

“My Humongous Hamster Goes to School” by Lorna Freytag, 2014, Henry Holt, ages 4-6.

On bring-your-pet-to-school day, a hamster sneaks into the lunch boxes, gobbles up sandwiches, apples, and pretzels, then grows, and grows, and grows, until he is humongous. The giant hamster peers into classrooms and plays on the playground. Gestures of friendship from the children help the hamster return to his old self, after a day that both he and the children will never forget.

“First Grade, Here I Come!” by Tony Johnston, Illustrated by David Walker, 2015, Scholastic, ages 4-6.

Friend are the best part of first grade for this young child. There will be math and reading in first grade, but there will also be show and tell and recess superheroes.

Written in rhyme, with clever vocabulary, this sweet story will certainly put young children at ease as they make the transition from Kindergarten to First Grade. Author Tony Johnson has written nearly 100 picture books and early readers, including “Off to Kindergarten!”.

Reviews and photo by Elizabeth Dobler