Signs of fall are all around us. These books about autumn will entice readers to explore the season with a keen eye and a curiosity about the beauty of nature.

“My Leaf Book” by Monica Wellington, 2015, Dial Books, ages 3-7.

A young girl visits the arboretum to collect leaves for her leaf book. The story takes readers through the scientific process of observing, collecting, and describing, as the leaf book’s creation unfolds throughout the story. Photos of leaves and brightly colored leaf rubbings and prints are displayed, along with information about tree types, vein patterns, and leaf shapes. An extra page after the story includes suggested leaf projects.

“Winter is Coming” by Tony Johnston, 2014, Simon & Schuster, ages 4-8.

Autumn gives us signs that winter is inching closer, as we see the process unfolding before our eyes. A young girl sits quietly at her favorite tree and observes the signs of fall. As animals prepare for the upcoming cold weather, she records her observations and makes her own winter plans. This quiet story and soft illustrations remind us that the change in seasons brings its own beauty.

“My Autumn Book” by Wong Herbert Yee, 2015, Christy Ottaviano Books, ages 3-7.

Autumn presents a young girl with many treasures, from a view of honking geese above, to brilliantly colored leaves, to a spider’s silken web. With backpack and camera in hand, this budding scientist collects photographs and real objects from fall. These goodies will serve as a reminder of fall, to be enjoyed by the fire on an upcoming cold winter’s night. Using a poetic style, the author/illustrator has created a delightfully simple tribute to autumn. The small size of the book will fit the hands of young readers and reminds older readers that good things come in small packages.

“Scarecrow Magic” by Ed Masessa, Illustrated by Matt Myers, 2015, Scholastic, ages 5-9.

This mild-mannered scarecrow keeps an eye on the crops during the day, but at night, he alights. “With a zip and a swoosh, he slips out of his skin. Bones rattle and sway in their own clever way” and the scarecrow is ready to play. Ghoulies, ghosties, and knobby pumpkins join the midnight game of hide and seek. Humorous illustrations combine with rakishly fun poetic verse to describe the magic creatures’ adventures in the dark.

“Happy Thanksgiving” by Roger Priddy, 2015, Priddy Books, ages birth-3.

The youngest of book lovers will enjoy this board book, featuring color photographs, block color illustrations, and single words to share fall favorites, such as pumpkins, sweaters, and leaves. From the Bright Baby series, author and publisher Roger Priddy describes these books as “big ideas for little people” that promote family learning and speaking skills. The vivid colors and durable pages will make this introduction to fall a favorite.

Review and image by Elizabeth Dobler