Books make wonderful gifts, and these collections include several stories within one book, giving readers of all ages many possibilities for reading enjoyment.

“The Complete Alice” by Lewis Carroll, 2015, Macmillan, 480 pages, ages 5-12.

The stories of Alice and her nonsensical adventures are thought, by some, to be the origin of modern children’s literature. These whimsical stories, published 150 years ago, were the first to move beyond teaching children about moral virtues. Alice was portrayed as a child, not merely as a miniature adult, and she represents children as creatures of imagination, curiosity, and delight. This 150 anniversary collection edition includes unabridged versions of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, “Through the Look-Glass and What Alice Found There”, and “The Wasp in a Wig”, along with the original pencil sketched illustrations by John Tenniel and colored by subsequent illustrators. Additionally readers will enjoy poems and prefaces by Lewis Carroll and The Story of Alice, an illustrated account of the creation and publication of “Alice”. An embossed book cover and foil-edged pages make this gorgeous book a literary keepsake.

“Classic Children’s Tales” by Beatrix Potter, Randolph Caldecott, Kate Greenaway, & Edward Lear, 2015, Frederick Warne Publishers, ages 3-7.

The works of four iconic authors and illustrators are shared in this collection of children’s classic nursery rhymes, an alphabet book and short songs and stories dating from 44 to 144 years ago. Original illustrations accompany most of the works, thus seeking to transport a reader to a time long ago. Each author and his or her work is introduced by a popular current author or illustrator, such as Lee Bennett Hopkins and Paul O. Zelinsky. By linking the present and the past, this book becomes a legacy collection of children’s literature.

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” by J. K. Rowling, Illustrated by Jim Kay, 1997/2015, Arthur A. Levine Books, ages 8 and up.

Harry Potter fans will be thrilled to see this over-sized, exquisitely illustrated edition of “The Sorcerer’s Stone”. The unabridged story is accompanied by detailed watercolor and ink illustrations on thick paper with an eggshell finish These luscious paintings depict such scenes as Harry’s life with the Dursleys, his travels to Hogwarts, and trips to Diagon Alley. Full-page color illustrations introduce readers to Hagrid, Dumbledore, Snape, and Harry’s best friends, Ron and Hermoine, along with the other characters who bring this fantasy to life.

“The Raggedy Ann 100th Anniversary Treasury”, adapted from stories by Johnny Gruelle, Illustrated by Jan Palmer, 2015, Little Simon, ages 4-6.

Raggedy Ann celebrates a 100th anniversary in this 2015 collection of five classic tales. Author Johnny Gruelle, with his daughter Marcella, found the original doll in an attic and received a U.S. patent in 1915. The first book, “Raggedy Ann Stories” was published in 1918, with stories about the doll written for Marcella. Later books would introduce Raggedy Ann’s brother, Raggedy Andy, and other friends. Raggedy Ann’s whimsical stories and magical world promise to delight readers and listeners, as they have done for many decades.

“Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes” by Rick Riordan, 2015, Disney Hyperion, ages 9-14.

Percy Jackson is a demigod, son of a mortal and the Greek god Poseidon. Percy’s strong sense of justice and loyalty lead him on quests that traverse the earthly world and the world of the gods, to right wrongs when ancient laws forbid directly intervention by the gods. This collection of 12 myths features the feats of Hercules, Atalanta, Bellerophon, and other Greek heroes. Author Rick Riordan writes with a witty and irreverent style that will leave readers wondering what is myth and what is modern humor.

“The Magical World of Strega Nona” by Tomie DePaola, 2015, Nancy Paulsen Books, ages 4-7.

Strega Nona, or ”Grandma Witch” and her addled assistant, Big Anthony, assist the villagers with ailments and life’s problems through a bit of magic. In 1975 Tomie DePaola received the Caldecott Honor Book distinction for “Strega Nona”. In 2015 readers can enjoy a collection of six Strega Nona stories, written and illustrated by DePaola and published over the last 40 years.