Creepy crawlers are in the spotlight in this collection of books about bugs. These picture books, easy chapter books, and children’s novels share information about bugs, but also present bugs in fictional stories as heroes who save the day.

“Super Bugs” by Michelle Meadows, Illustrated by Bill Mayer, 2016, Orchard Books, ages 3-6.

Bugs fight crime in the bug world by keeping a mosquito from being eaten by a frog, rescuing ants from a fire and cockroaches from a human’s down-stepping foot. These antenna-super heroes are out patrolling for ways to rescue other bugs from dawn to dusk, as their story is told through rhyme and full-page earth-tone illustrations. Young readers may see bugs in a new light.

“Big Bug” by Henry Cole, 2014, Little Simon, ages 3-6.

A bug is small compared to a leaf, but a leaf is small compared to a flower. Size is relative, and this book seeks to teach young children the concept of scale, an important idea in science, math, and other daily activities. Bright, full-page illustrations and simple text make this book interesting, as well as a useful teaching tool.

“Beetle Boy” by M. G. Leonard, 2016, Chicken House Publishers, 270 pages, ages 9-12.

When Bartholomew Cuttle goes missing, the clues lead his son Darkus and his friends Virginia and Bertolt to a dilapidated house, an evil scientist, and a collection of highly evolved exotic beetles. With the help of these amazing insects, the three sleuths battle evil. “Beetle Boy” is the first book in a trilogy that brings together entomology and action.

“Battle Bugs: The Lizard War” by Jack Patton, 2015, Scholastic, 120 pages, ages 7-10.

Max collects bugs of all types, so when he magically travels to Bug Island, he sees it as an insect adventure. But when he is attached by a giant lizard and rescued by a monstrous scorpion, Max realizes he has set foot in the middle of a turf war between insects and reptiles. Full of action and scientific facts about insects and reptiles, this easy chapter book is the first in a series of 10 Battle Bug adventures, including “The Dragonfly Defense”, “The Komodo Dragon”, and “The Snake Fight”.

“Antman: Zombie Repellant” by Chris “Doc” Wyatt, Illustrated by Khoi Pham & Chris Sotomayor, Marvel, 119 pages, ages 7-10.

The Avengers strive to protect New York City, and Ant-Man uses his power to shrink to the size of a bug and communicate with insects in order to save the city from a deadly virus attack. With the help of friends like Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye, Ant-Man devises a plan to create and disperse the anecdote. “Antman” is a Mighty Marvel Chapter Book, with large font, color illustrations, but a longer length, making it just right for readers transitioning from picture books to novels.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Dobler