Babies are precious and bring both delight and sleepless nights to families. Books about babies can help siblings and parents ease into their new roles.

“Baby Bedtime” by Mem Fox, Illustrated by Emma Quay, 2013, Beach Lane Books, ages 3-6.

This sweet poetic text shares the special moments between a baby and parent at bed time. The lyrical flow of the words and the muted colors of the illustrations will lull young listeners into the peace of sleep. Australian author Mem Fox, has made promoting literacy her life’s mission. As a children’s author, she has published numerous picture books aimed at young children, including “Possom Magic” and “Koala Lou”, bringing the Australian culture and animals into many of her stories.

“Baby Love” by Angela DiTerlizzi, Illustrated by Brooke Boynton Hughes, 2015, Beach Lane Books, ages 3-6.

There are so many things to love about a baby – sweet kisses, warm smiles, tiny toes. Soft pen, ink, and watercolor illustrations and endearingly simple text share the parents’ delights with their young one.

“Mission: New Baby” by Susan Hood, Illustrated by Mary Lundquist, 2015, Random House, ages 3-6.

Big brothers and sisters, heads up! As readers of “Mission: New Baby” your assignment on this mission is to train the new kid on the team – the baby. You will attend a briefing, text gadgets, set up communication systems, share intelligence, and in general train the new recruit. Using humor and a clever style, this book helps siblings recognize the important role they play in the new baby’s world.

“I Love You Baby” by Giles Andreae, Illustrated by Emma Dodd, 2014, Disney Hyperion, ages 3-6.

Lyrical verse and cuddly illustrations tell the story of a new baby from a toddler’s point of view. The author and illustrator, both from England, have also teamed up for “I Love Mommy” and “I Love Daddy”, which are equally darling books.

“Crybaby” by Karen Beaumont, Illustrated by Eugene Yelchin, 2015, Henry Holt, ages 3-6.

When the baby cries in the night, everyone rushes to quiet the baby – mother, father, brother, sister, the grandparents, the neighbors. Even the dog patiently waits by the bed, offering baby’s favorite toy. Written in artful rhyme, with bold paint and crayon illustrations, parents who have moved beyond the baby stage will enjoy the humor of this baby’s sleepless night.

“The Baby Swap” by Jan Ormerod, Illustrations by Andrew Joyner, 2015, Little Simon Books, ages 3-6.

Big sister crocodile is tired of her baby brother – too much drooling, too smelly, and no fun. So she swaps him for a different baby. But baby panda is no good, and neither is baby elephant, baby pig, or any of the others she is offered as alternatives. Caroline decides maybe her own brother isn’t quite so bad. Jan Ormerod, an Australian author/illustrator, published more than fifty children’s books and passed away shortly before “The Baby Swap” was published.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Dobler