The start of a new school year may be accompanied by anxiety or apprehension. These picture books about school can ease the back-to-school transition.

“A Tiger Tale: Or What Happened to Anya on Her First Day of School” by Mike Boldt, 2016, Simon & Schuster, ages 4-8.

Little Anya wakes up the morning of the first day of school and discovers she has grown a striped tiger tail. Anya’s tries different ways to keep from going to school, but with no success. Anya soon discovers she is not the only odd one at school. This funny story will remind children that their uniqueness is what makes them special.

“The Class” by Boni Ashburn, Illustrated by Kimberly Gee, 2016, Beach Lane, ages 4-7.

Rise and shine, it’s the first day of school! The bustle of morning routines are described using rhyming poetry and detailed illustrations of young children as they wake, dress, brush, pack, and travel.

“Milk Goes to School” by Terry Border, 2016, Philomel, ages 4-8.

Milk straps on her new glitter backpack and heads off to school, meeting her friends Cupcake and Waffle along the way. But at school, Milk finds that it’s not so easy to get along with others, especially when Carrot and Egg call her spoiled. Over a little spilled milk, the students learn to appreciate each other. Unique illustrations of manipulated and photographed three-dimensional objects bring this story to life.

“An A from Miss Keller” by Patricia Polacco, 2015, Putnam, ages 6-10.

Author and illustrator Patricia Polacco has given us over 50 enjoyable picture books, describing her Russian heritage and childhood experiences as a struggling learner. In “An A from Miss Keller”, Polacco shares a story of the teacher who inspired her to become a writer. Miss Keller’s high expectations and curmudgeony temperament made learning to write quite challenging for young Patricia, who often felt as if she could never get it right. But once Patricia wrote from the heart, her words took flight.

“This is My Home, This is My School” by Jonathan Bean, 2015, Farrar Straus Giroux, ages 3-6.

The worlds of home and school blend together when children are home-schooled. This simple text with humorous illustrations lets readers in on the routines and adventures of a family that has chosen to home school. The author, Jonathan Bean draws from his own childhood experiences as he describes the various ways learning takes place in this environment.

Review and image by Elizabeth Dobler