The warmth of spring and the budding trees and flowers draw us to the outdoors. A rainy spring day would be just the time for staying inside and enjoying these books about spring.

“Every Day Birds” by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Illustrated by Dylan Metrano, 2016, Orchard Books, ages 3-6.

Springtime and budding trees bring the return of birds and nests of baby birds. “Every Day Birds” provides budding ornithologists with a useful tool for identifying birds in their yard or at the park. Lovely paper cutting illustrations of twenty North American birds, and a simple, poetic style of text teaches a bit about each bird. A picture glossary gives additional factual information.

“Hop” by Jorey Hurley, 2016, Simon & Schuster, ages 3-6.

A mother rabbit teaches her bunnies about the beauty and challenges of nature’s ways in this nearly wordless picture book. Striking illustrations portray the rabbits’ lives above and below ground. At the end of the book, an author’s note provides factual information about cottontail rabbits.

“Dig-In!” by Cindy Jenson-Elliott, Illustrated by Mary Peterson, 2016, Beach Lane Books, ages 3-6.

A warm spring day invites young and old garden lovers to dig in the dirt. “Dig-In portrays the glorious feeling of early spring gardening when the earth and creatures of the dirt seem to awaken. Bright, full-page illustrations, made from linoleum block prints, give the reader an up-close view of the garden scenes.

“Here in the Garden” by Briony Stewart, 2015, Kane Miller Books, ages 4-7.

A young boy passes through the seasons of the year working in his garden and longing for a special friend to return and join him. This sweet and touching story and soft illustrations beautifully depict the changes in his garden and the longing he feels for one who is lost to him.

“Click, Clack, Peep!” by Doreen Cronin, Illustrated by Betsy Lewin, 2015, Antheneum Books, ages 4-8.

The new baby duck in the barnyard seems to be awake all the time. The animals try all of their tricks to get the duckling to sleep, but only one animal knows the secret trick to quiet the peeps. Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin have a winning author/illustration combination that brought us the Caldecott Honor book “Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type”.

Review and image by Elizabeth Dobler